This is to certify that the producer or shipper, Abendroth Hatchery is participating in the National Poultry Improvement Plan. All chicks and eggs are produced from U.S. APPROVED PULLORUM-TYPHOID CLEAN FLOCKS. These birds are maintained as Pullorum-clean. Your invoice may be used in lieu of VS 9-3.

BACTERIAL TRANSFER DISCLAIMER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY When placing your order with Abendroth Hatchery, purchaser understands and agrees that any handling of poultry or live birds may result in contamination or disease, including but not limited to any strains of salmonella. Purchaser accepts all risk and hazards associated with the purchase of all Goods and Services from Seller, and shall indemnify and hold harmless Seller against any and all cost, loss and liability for all personal injury and/or property damage caused by any good and/or Services provided or performed by Seller, (which shall include Sellers employees, agents, and representatives), whether such goods and/or Services were provided to performed on the premises of Seller or Purchaser or elsewhere. Purchaser shall defend, at its sole cost and expense, and action or claim brought against Seller as a result of any such personal injury or property damage.