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Baby Chick Price List 2018

Rock Broiler
$1.45 $1.55 $1.70
Hyline Leghorn$2.60$1.90$1.25
California White$2.60$1.90$1.25
Barred Rock$2.60$1.90$1.25
ISA Brown (Gold Star)$2.60$1.90$1.25
Production Red$2.60$1.90$1.25
Asian Blue$2.60$1.90$1.25
Black Austrolorp$2.60$1.90$1.25
Buff Orpington$2.60$1.90$1.25
Silver Laced
Husky Red$1.50
Light Brahma$9.00
Buff Brahma Bantys$4.25
Salmon Favorelle$4.50$2.50$2.00
Assorted Bantams$4.25

Price List 2018

Indian Runner$4.00$3.50$3.25
Turkey Poults1-50
B.B.White$6.00 ea.
Bronze$6.50 ea.
French Gray Guinea1-5051-100101+
Ringneck Pheasants100 or less101+

Handy Postage Chart

All prices FOB Waterloo. This chart includes postage and special handling fees through Zone 3 on the product you have ordered, to your location. Anything over Zone 3 must be shipped Air Mail.
* Charges subject to change if postal rates increase.
Number of birds in order & weight Zone 1 & 2 (Up to 150 miles)
PP & S Hdling
Zone 3 (150-300 miles)
PP & S Hdling
25 Ducklings or Turkeys or 50 Chicks (7 pounds) $15.00 $18.00
50 Ducklings or Turkeys or 100 Chicks (12 pounds) $21.00 $25.00
100 Ducklings or Turkeys or 200 Chicks (24 pounds) $27.00 $29.00
300 Chicks (36 pounds) $33.00 $35.00